Release: 27. Februar 2015 Flower Maiden of Purity English | Unlimited

Flower Maiden of Purity


Flower Maiden of Purity

English | Unlimited

Release Date:  

Item:   Trial Deck
Product information: Trial Deck is a pre-constructed 52-card deck
  Rulesheet, Rule book, playmat
Distribution:   Each Trial Deck contains:
  19 types of cards (4 holo cards)
Release date:   February 27, 2015
14,99 EUR

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The "Neo Nectar" clan finally has its own Trial Deck in VGE-G-TD03 [Flower Maiden of Purity]!! Featuring new skills and more support for the "Neo Nectar" units!!

Witness the awesome power of the new “Stride” mechanic as seen in the latest Cardfight Vanguard G arc and stand a chance to receive 1 illustrator signed card randomly inserted into decks!!

This pre-constructed Trial Deck can be used out of the box and comes with exclusive Trial Deck only cards which will delight new and veteran players alike!

The following PR cards are allocated to VGE-G-TD03 Trial Decks:

PR/0159EN Duo Falling Heart, Victoria
PR/0160EN Duo Falling Heart, Quancy

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