Mega Tin 2018

Mega Tin 2017

Mega Tin 2016

Mega Tin 2015

Mega Tin 2014

Collector's Tin Serie 2013

Zexal Collection Tin 2013

Collector's Tin Serie 2012

Premium Collection

Collector's Tin Serie 2011

Shonen Jump Magazine Promos

Manga Promotional Cards

Samurai Assault

Duelist Pack Collection

Duelist Pack Tin Cards

World Championship Tournament

3D Movie Pack

5D's Tag Force 5

5D's Duel Transer

X-Saber Power-up

Legendary Collection

Collector's Tin Serie 2010

Yu-Gi-Oh! R

Twilight Editon

Duelist League

Collector's Tin Serie 2004

5D's Tag Force 4

Collector's Tin Serie 2009

5D's Wheelie Breakers

Token Cards

Anniversary Pack

GX Handheld Games

Collector's Tin Serie 2008

GX Card Almanac - Nindento DS

Light and Darkness Dragon

GX Next Generation

Pharaoh Tour

Collector's Tin Serie 2007

McDonald's Promotional Cards

Ultimate Edition 2

Sneak Preview Cards

Elemental Hero Collection

Collector's Tin Serie 2006

Mattel Action Figure Series

Ultimate Beginner's GX Pack

GX Special Edition Pack

Nightmare Troubadour - Nintendo DS

Master Collection

Forbidden Legacy 1

Collector's Tin Serie 2005

Destiniy Board Traveller

Shonen Jump Championship

The Falsebound Kingdom - Nintendo GameCube

The Movie Theater Pack

The Dawn of Destiny - X-Box

Capsule Monster Coliseum

Duel Monsters PC Games

Banzai Magazin

Reshef of Destruction - Game Boy Advance

Movie Exclusive Pack

World Championship 2003-2008

Duellists of the Roses - Play Station 2

King of Cities Tour

The Sacred Cards - Game Boy Advance

Deluxe Structure Deck Volume 2

Collector's Tin Serie 2003

Stairway to the Destined Duel - Game Boy Advance

God Cards - Game Boy World Wide Edition

Duel Masters Guide

Forbidden Memories - Play Station

Eternal Duelist Game Boy Advanced

Dark Duel Stories

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